Year 1 Weekly Music Sessions


Year 1 have been generating plenty of positive energy as part of our weekly music sessions. Both classes have expert tuition from Sophie. A large part of this learning is to help the children improve their vocal skills and to feel confident. Plus the sessions are plenty of fun!


A number of warm up games start the sessions in the school music studio. A current Year 1 favourite involves the children imagining that they are looking out to sea. Different sea creatures such as an octopus, a starfish and a shark can be seen. The children act out the movement for these sea creatures, whilst also singing along.


We have also been looking at the importance of rhythm in music. Sophie has been playing plenty of games that require the pupils to listen a rhythm being tapped out. The task is then to repeat this exact same rhythm.

One of the main songs that Year 1 have been learning is all about a bouncing ball. This has plenty of musical changes, as well as allowing the class members to express themselves through movement around the studio as they sing.


Sophie then introduced a guitar during a recent session. The Year 1 pupils were asked to listen, and then describe the different sounds that each guitar string makes. We heard how the thickest string makes a very low sound, whilst the top thin string is high pitched.


Class members took it in turns to play either a low or high note on the guitar. The other children were asked to mime out what type of sound was being played.


Small drums and maracas were then handed out to the children. Sophie spoke about the difference between playing quiet and playing loud. The children imagined that a ferocious thunder storm was approaching. We had to follow Sophie’s instructions to play the sound of a few quiet drops of rain. This then built up into a very loud thunder storm!


Finally the session came to a close with all of the children listening to a short piece of recorded music. The knowledge gained from the session was then used to answer some questions: could we hear high notes or low notes? Was it slow or fast?

These weekly Year 1 music sessions will continue at Michael Faraday throughout the autumn term.



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