Year 3 Healthy Sandwich Challenge


Year 3 have been set the challenge to design a tasty healthy sandwich. This learning is part of our current science topic of healthy living.


Like all good food preparation sessions, our work started with a trip to a nearby supermarket. The staff at Tesco were incredibly friendly in helping the children to choose a section of different types of bread. We were even able to take part in a workshop at the supermarket to make a fruit kebab.


Our shopping bags were then brought back to Michael Faraday School. The next stage in the challenge was to choose the type of bread that best suited our individual tastes.


On offer was a choice of white bread, brown bread, baguettes and wraps. We set about systematically sampling each bread, and then rating the taste and recording this information. The pupils were asked to consider properties such as moisture, softness and how crunchy the bread was.

A final choice of which bread to use in our sandwich was then made. We asked each class member to write a description as to why they have made this selection. The next stage will be to choose the other ingredients that we need for our sandwich.


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