Year 4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have just started to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This will be our main piece of literacy text for the remainder of the autumn term.

We have asked the pupils to think about how it might feel to be one of the lucky winners of a golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s factory. Written work has been completed with the pupils exploring the different characters.

We asked each class member to describe what they can see outside the factory, how it might smell, and what emotions they may be experiencing ahead of entering the magical factory.

Elsewhere and our recent maths learning in Year 4 has been looking in great detail about shape recognition. The different properties of various shapes have all been compared. The pupils have been looking at the number of sides, corners and types of angles that we can see in a selection of shapes.

This work has progressed to look at different types of triangles. The angles have been compared. The next stage will be to measure the angles and see if we can find any patterns developing.

Finally it is worth mentioning the fantastic trip that both Year 4 classes recently had to the British Museum. This work was organised as part of our current history theme looking at Ancient Egypt.

The pupils were able to see the Rosetta Stone, as well as learn in more detail about the process of mummification. We have used our drama sessions at school to re-create the way in which the Ancient Egyptians honoured those that have died.

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