Year 6 Bread Baking Video

Recent science work in Year 6 at Michael Faraday School has combined food technology and maths learning. The pupils have been learning about micro-organisms and how they can act as a good and a bad scientific phenomenon.

Our research has led the Year 6 students to see that the micro-organisms contained in yeast are incredibly helpful when we are baking bread. This theory was then put to the practical test with the pupils all taking part in a bread baking session.


Questions were asked by the teaching staff during each stage of the preparation. The pupils were able to remember that yeast needs warmth, water and sugar to be activated. If the water is too hot it will kill the micro-organisms. The yeast also feeds off the sugar.


Maths knowledge was needed during the measuring of the different ingredients. We wanted to make three times the amount of bread in the recipe that we were following. Each ingredient therefore needed to be multiplied by three.


This was a fun food tech session with each class member having the opportunity to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Year 6 have been learning about the best way to kneed the bread. We have learnt that this is needed to help try and remove as many air bubbles as possible.


The science learning also continued. The students saw that the bread mixture needed to be left alone for an hour before being baked in the school oven. This is to allow the yeast to rise naturally, ahead of being heated up.


The end result was a tasty selection of Year 6 freshly baked bread that was then shared amongst friends.


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