Nursery Stick Man Learning


The Nursery children are having some great fun exploring the fascinating character of Stick Man. We have just started to read this book ahead of a trip to the West End to see a theatrical production of the Stick Man story.

Our early work on the story has involved finding out a little more about Stick Man, his family and where they all live. The story has been read to each class, with plenty of questions being asked at each stage of the story. The children are asked to describe the scene and what is taking place at a particular time.

This is also a very timely story as we approach the winter months. Much of the Stick Man story is set in a scenes of snow. This will be a good opportunity to also introduce ideas about the winter season as we approach the Christmas preparations.

The Nursery children have also been preparing for the special West End trip be building their own play theatre in the Michael Faraday Nursery. A special stage has been set up with some large red theatre curtains.

Our theatre also contains some seats for the audience, as well as a booth where theatre goers need to pay a small entrance fee. The children have been taking it in turns to act out and improvise various puppets shows for our friends.




Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Nursery and the children have been having plenty of fun creating some colourful fireworks pictures.







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