Reception New Sharks Topic


The Reception children at Michael Faraday School have started a new topic after the half term break learning all about sharks. This follows on from our class learning looking at pirates and life at sea.

A number of shark themed books have been introduced to the Reception children. All of the children are now very familiar with the wonderful Shark in the Park book. We will soon start reading Surprising Sharks as our next class reading book. It would be great if parents and carers were able to continue with this reading at home.

The reception children will also soon start to look at what is meant by a non-fiction book. We will be using the example of sharks to show how some books might contain information, rather than a story.

The brilliant telescopes that the children made as part of their homework will also be used during our sharks topic. We have been thinking about how objects appear when they are looked at using an unfamiliar angle.

Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Reception and Bonfire Night has been keeping the children busy. Plenty of colourful paintings have been produced using different printing techniques. The children have also been watching short films of firework displays, and then asked to describe what they can see.


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