Reception Workshops for Adults


The teaching staff in the Michael Faraday Reception would like to invite all parents and carers of Reception children to a series of after school sessions to help with the continued learning of your child.

These sessions will start on 11 November and will take place from 3:15pm – 4pm at Michael Faraday School. The first session will look at phonics teaching, with the remaining two sessions looking at how we teach maths learning at Michael Faraday School.

The aim for the workshops is for parents and carers to understand some of the teaching methods that are used. The teaching staff would then encourage parents and carers to use some of these techniques during any spare time spent learning with your child at home.

A summary of some of the themes addressed in the workshop has been prepared by the Reception teaching staff. This looks at how the knowledge in the workshops can then be continued at home. You can download it over here.

It would be wonderful if parents and carers were able to attend these sessions. There is no cost involved for these workshops.

You can also find out a little more about our phonics learning at Michael Faraday School by using the phonics resources page that we have set up over here.

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