Year 2 Firework Poetry and Pictures


The Year 2 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been preparing for Bonfire Night by writing some powerful pieces of poetry to help describe the occasion. We have been speaking in class about being able to recognise nouns and verbs. The teaching staff encouraged the children to combine these in their poems, with a phrase such as colourful bonfire.

Acrostic poems have also been composed as part of this learning. This is where the first letter of each line spells out a new word as you read down the page.

The technique of onomatopoeia has also been used by the Year 2 pupils for their poetry. We have learnt how this relates to a word that resembles what it is describing. A good example for our fireworks poetry is BANG!

You can listen to a selection of our Year 2 firework poems being read out in the short recordings below.

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