Year 3 London History Research


Year 3 have combined their history and geography learning ahead of a class trip to the old London Docks. One of our main topics for this term has been the history of London, and the role that the River Thames plays in our city.

The pupils have been preparing for the trip to the Docks by looking at some old Victorian maps of London. We could quite clearly identify the curve of the river as it reaches South East London. Some of the old locations around it however looked unfamiliar.


Magnifying glasses were used by the Year 3 pupils to help find some specific points. A list of historic locations was handed out. The children were asked to work in pairs and find the exact grid reference where each historic place of interest could be found.

We will be looking to see if any of these locations can still be found around the old London Docks area as part of the Year 3 trip to come.


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