Year 4 Autumn Term Activities


Year 4 have been continuing to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our main literacy piece of text for the autumn term. The book contains so many fascinating characters that are perfect for the pupils to explore.

Detailed character descriptions of some of the children that visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory have been written. We have asked the children to consider what is unique about each child, and to to try and think of ways in which we can describe their personalities.

Other work in Year 4 has seen the children continue with their historical study of Ancient Egypt. The pupils have been introduced to the idea of hieroglyphics. We have been researching, and then writing our own names using the Ancient Egyptian system of writing.

Meanwhile PE lessons in Year 4 have had a focus on improving ball skills. The pupils have been practising their catching and throwing skills with different sized balls.

Kul’s Class are also enjoying the weekly after school Athletics Club, having swapped with Tessa’s Class after the half term break. Each week the children are given specialist athletics coaching, with an emphasis on working together to improve team skills.

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