Year 5 Southwark Splash Rehearsals

Year 5 have started rehearsals on the prestigious Winter Southwark Splash performance. This is a show involving a select number of Southwark schools with the aim of showcasing the musical and theatrical talent in the borough. The winter show for 2015 takes place at the Royal Festival Hall on 10 December.

There is little time left for the Year 5 pupils to put together their contribution for the show. Our very first session with Splash leaders Laura and Ross showed that the Year 5 students are fast learners!


Five songs in total will be performed on the evening at the Royal Festival Hall. The overall theme for the show is one of celebrating winter, with some ideas based around friendship all forming part of the show.

Our very first Splash session saw the Year 5 students being introduced to three of the songs: Wonder, Little Star and White Winter Hymnal. Laura and Ross worked with the pupils on some of the complex changes in pitch that are required.


The Splash performance itself is a mix of music and theatre. Plenty of actions were required for the songs. Year 5 were encouraged to use the actions to help them remember the words for each song.

Character work also formed part of the introduction to the show. The pupils were asked to close their eyes and listen to Ross playing some haunting music on the piano, whilst Laura read out a short story about a wolf cub and a witch in a forest.


The pupils were then asked to imagine that they were the young fox cub, and to move around the studio and adapt their behaviour as the music and words of the song start to change.

This successful Southwark Splash first session came to a close with a recap of the knowledge that had been learnt, and then the pupils warming down by singing a powerful musical scale.

All parents and carers of Year 5 pupils will of course be invited to the Southwark Splash show on 10 December at the Royal Festival Hall. Ticket details will be sent out closer to the date.


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