Nursery Winter Show Rehearsals


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School have started rehearsals for their end of term Winter Show. This will be a special event for the young children. The class members will be inviting parents and carers to come into our school. A selection of the work and songs that we have been learning this term will be shared.

Although the Nursery children have yet to complete their first term, we still have plenty of work to showcase! The tough task for the teaching staff has been to select some of the highlights to show what tremendous progress has been made during the autumn term.


One of the favourite themes for the children is the Naughty Bus book that we have been reading. A song explaining some of the adventures of the Naughty Bus is an early contender to be included in the Nursery Winter Show.

The bus has also reminded the children about their recent West End trip to see a performance of Stick Man. Our performance will of course include some shared work all about this character and some of the problems he has to overcome. Plenty of actions to accompany the song have been rehearsed.

All staff and children are very excited about sharing our early work. This has also been a great opportunity for the different Nursery classes to join together and work on the show. Family and carers will soon be receiving their invites for this special performance.


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