Year 1 Weekly Music Sessions


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have been making some wonderful progress during our weekly music sessions with Sophie. One of the main aims from these sessions is to improve the confidence of the children, plus to have plenty of fun whilst we are learning new musical skills!


The singing warm up helps the children to explore their different ranges of voice. The children are asked to describe a particular character. These might include angels, witches or Father Christmas. The children are then asked to sing in the style of these characters. Plenty of pitch is required, both high and low.


Sophie then helped the Year 1 children to learn a new song all about penguins. Plenty of actions were required to perform this piece. The children learnt how to become marching penguins with their flippers, and then to stand to penguin attention when required.


Each week Sophie introduces a new instrument for the Year 1 children to learn about. A recent example was the oboe. The class members were asked to describe what the instrument looks like, and what it might be made of. The children were fascinated by the reed that is used to create the sound of the oboe.


A number of songs were then played by Sophie using the oboe. The children were asked to identify each song. Each piece contained a low, medium and high-pitched sound. The Year 1 pupils were asked to demonstrate each sound with some drama actions.

One of the current class favourites for the Year 1 children is the Russian Minska song. This is a timely seasonal song that describes the weather during this time of the year.


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