Year 2 National Portrait Gallery Pictures


Both Year 2 classes at Michael Faraday School recently enjoyed a wonderful trip out at the National Portrait Gallery in the West End. The main purpose of this visit was look at the pictures of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. The children have been learning about the nursing achievements that both of these women are remembered for.


Our trip to the National Portrait Gallery was an opportunity to see how famous people are often remembered in a classic painting.


The Year 2 children worked on some sketches of both Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale at the Museum. These were then completed back in the Michael Faraday classroom.


Literacy work in Year 2 has been looking at how we can use adjectives to help bring our stories alive. The children have been learning how a describing word helps to make our subject matter sound even more exciting.

We have been using the excellent Rascally Cake book as our main inspiration for this work. This tells the story of a baker who likes to add some pretty foul ingredients into his cakes.

The children have been using a large saucepan to help with this work. Whenever a wonderful adjective has been thought of, this is then placed inside the Year 2 saucepan to help bake our own rascally word cake.

The next book that the Year 2 children will be reading is the Jolly Postman. This is a timely choice as it involves children writing letters to Father Christmas.

The Year 2 pupils will be learning about some of the key information that we need to include in a letter. Each class member will then be writing a special letter to Father Christmas. We are hopeful of receiving some replies!

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