Year 4 Ball Skills PE Video

The Year 4 pupils have been focussing on improving throwing and catching skills as part of our recent PE sessions at Michael Faraday school. The children have been understanding how these are the core skills that we need to learn if we are to succeed in ball games such as cricket or rounders.

The children have been working in pairs to experiment in finding the best techniques that we can use. We have found that balance is very important here. We also need to be anticipate where the ball might be when we are catching.

Under arms throws have been used to pass the ball. The Year 4 pupils have seen how we can use our hips to add a little more direction. Being able to hold the ball with a loose grip is another key skill that has been taught.

Some of the pairs of children then demonstrated what they have been learning to the rest of the class. Suggestions as to how we could improve further still were then volunteered by other class friends.


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