Year 5 Countdown to Southwark Splash


Both Year 5 classes have been continuing to prepare for the prestigious Southwark Winter Splash Concert that takes place at the Royal Festival Hall on 10 December. We have been welcoming our Splash friends Laura and Ross into our school to help guide the pupils with their professional music and drama skills.

A recent session saw an energetic warm up to help the students prepare for the hard work ahead. The focus was then on improving vocal techniques. The Winter Splash has a selection of songs that feature very soft vocals, and then uplifting anthems. Quite a challenge!

Laura and Ross introduced the pupils to the Italian concept of pianissimo. We learnt that in music this means performing quietly. The volume level was raised ever so slightly in each verse of a new song that the students were introduced to.


The idea of dynamics in music was then considered. The Year 5 pupils were asked to demonstrate this, by mixing up the levels of volume in their performance.

Some drama was then added to the session. Kings and Queens feature in the Winter Splash. The students were asked to stand in a Regal manner. This put us in the perfect position to attempt a medley of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / We Three Kings / Little Drummer Boy.

With only a couple of rehearsals remaining now until the grand Royal Festival Hall performance, Year 5 will be spending the next few weeks perfecting their Southwark Winter Splash songs.


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