Nursery Winter Show Rehearsals


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School are putting in plenty of preparation ahead of their special Winter Shows that they will be performing in front of parents. These will take place straight after school on 8 and 10 of December. All parents and carers of Nursery children are of course welcome to come along.


The special performances will see the Nursery children celebrate many of the activities that they have achieved throughout the autumn term. Expect an appearance from Stick Man and his family, plus plenty of stories and songs all about the Naughty Bus.


The teaching has continued in the Nursery in-between preparations for our special Winter Show. The children have been exploring different shapes as part of their maths learning. This work has involved being able to identify shapes as squares, circles and triangles.


The children have also been looking out for shapes in the local environment around us. We have seen that road signs are a good example. Many different shapes can be seen in signs around where we live.




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