Reception Shapes and Sharks!


The Reception classes have been combining their maths work with their current topic of learning all about sharks. The children have been fascinated by every aspect of shark life. It was the ideal opportunity to add this theme to our maths learning!


One of the main maths topics has been to identify the difference between 3D and 2D shapes. The children have used a 3D shape such as a cylinder or a cube to create a paint print. This new 2D shape has then been transformed into either a shark or a fish. The children have added detail such as eyes and mouths.


Plenty of new vocabulary has been used throughout this work. The children should now be familiar with words such as gills, fins and scales. These details have been added to our prints.


Our Reception shark work has also led the children to adopting a real life shark. We have been working with the Shark Trust to help pay for the care of a basking shark. The children have been learning how this is the largest shark that can be found in British waters.

Next term will see the children use their knowledge of sharks and the ocean to look at the environment. We will be learning about where is a safe place for sea creatures to live, and what we can do to help keep the oceans clean.

Finally we would like to thank all of the Reception parents that were able to attend the after school adult workshop. The teaching staff explained some of the techniques that we use within the school to teach maths and English.

The Michael Rosen video below is a brilliant example of how we encourage reading at Michael Faraday School.

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