Year 1 Maths Coins and Counting


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have been learning about the value of coins as part of our recent maths learning. This has been a very practical piece of learning with a special Year 1 shop being set up.


A number of items were available to buy, each with a different price. These included toy cars, books and teddy bears. Each item was priced up. The children carried out the role of the shoppers by working out how much money they would need for each item.


An important part of this learning was to recognise the different appearance for each coin value. The children have been working on strategies such as identifying the coin colour, the size or how many sides it might have.

Counting skills have also formed part of this work. The Year 1 children have been counting up the value for each coin that we use, from 1pm up to a £2 coin.

Finally some table work has also been completed for this activity. The pupils have matched different coins to create a new value that was required on the question sheet.



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