Year 2 RE, Maths and Literacy Learning


Our RE work in Year 2 has involved the children learning about the Christmas Nativity scene. This can be quite a complex story with many different events taking place. The Year 2 pupils have been identifying the main scenes, and then putting them in the correct sequence.

Each class member has produced a storyboard showing the events that led to the birth of Jesus. We have used these to help the children tell the Nativity story in their own words.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and out current maths learning has been helping the children with their number bonds to 20. These are the key building blocks that support our maths learning throughout Michael Faraday School. It is important for all pupils to understand which combination of numbers we can use to create a new number.

Finally our literacy learning in Year 2 has involved the children reading Jim and the Beanstalk. This is a follow up to the more famous Jack story, with a few interesting twists in the plot. The pupils have been working on understanding the difference between the present and past tense, and how we can use this style in our own stories.






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