Year 3 Ice Palace Literacy Recording


Literacy work in Year 3 has continued to explore some of the ideas and characters contained in Robert Swindells intriguing Ice Palace story.

We have been fascinated by Starjik, a character who finds it hard to fit in with the other children. Our class group reading has reached the stage in the story where Starjik disappears. We have asked the children to think about what might have happened to him.

The Year 3 children split into small groups to brainstorm some ideas. We asked them to try and piece together all of the facts that we now know about Starjik, and then to use these to come up with a possible solution for his disappearance.

It was interesting to hear that the children had many different ideas. You can listen to a selection of these being shared in the recording below.

The Year 3 pupils have also produced a piece of written work based on the disappearance of Starjik. Each class member has imagined that they are the strange character, and then composed a Dear Diary entry. The idea was for the children to explain the personal thoughts of the strange character via a diary entry.

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