Year 4 Roald Dahl Assembly Research


Kul’s Year 4 Class recently put on a fantastic school assembly looking at the work of Roald Dahl. Next year will be the 100th anniversary since Dahl was born. Year 4 have already started to look at some of the ways that we could celebrate this special occasion.

Dahl is one of the favourite authors for the Year 4 pupils. We are familiar with many of his books, but found that we didn’t have know too much about his own life. This led the pupils to research the life of Dahl, and what led him to becoming such a successful author.


We were surprised to find out that he was a fighter pilot during World War Two, plus an interesting fact was that he wrote all of his stories on yellow paper.

The Year 4 assembly presented some of these facts to the others pupils from around the school. We also wanted to make the connection between the films that many of us are familiar with, and the books that we can read at school.

One of the key messages in the assembly was that we can find out facts about our favourite authors by carrying out some research. Kul’s class then presented a short quiz based on some of the information that we had shared.

The assembly finished with a lively singing of the Umpa Lumpa song – complete with Umpa Lumpa characters in costume, and Verruca and Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.






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