Year 6 African Drumming Concert Video

The Year 6 students have been working all term on improving their African drumming skills. Each week Sandra, Pauline and Michael from the Southwark Music Service’s Drumhead have been spending some time with the students from both Year 6 classes.


Traditional African drumming rhythms have been the main focus for the children to play and improve. Sandra, Pauline and Michael have been working on the physical technique to play an African drum, as well as some of the complex call and response rhythms.


This has been a fantastic activity for helping the students improve their confidence within a group. With the end of term approaching we decided that the students were now ready for a grand performance. All pupils in the school appreciated a special African drumming concert put on by the Year 6 students.


There was plenty of audience participation from our other friends around the school. All of the children were encouraged to join in by clapping out the rhythms and singing. You can listen to some of pieces being performed in the recordings below.






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