Panathlon Success for Faraday Pupils

panathlon 1

We are incredibly proud at Michael Faraday School of the twelve pupils that represented us so well at the recent Panathlon Games event that took place at the nearby Damiola Taylor Centre.

Pananthlon is an inclusive form of sporting activity. The skills required to be successful are accessible to all. The events are designed to be both fun and competitive.

The Michael Faraday team made up of pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 certainly had plenty of fun at the Panathlon Games, as well as competing with other pupils from around the borough.

Some of the disciplines included indoor curling, volley bat, bean bag throwing, parachute games, table cricket, football skills and a grand team relay race to conclude the event. All of the Michael Faraday pupils were presented with a medal after their fine achievements.

The staff that accompanied our team to the Damiola Taylor Centre were all impressed with the performance and attitude of the Michael Faraday team. All of the pupils looked out for one another, and were supportive across the different sports.

We are happy to share some photos from the event below.

pan 5

pan 6

pan 7

pan 8

pan 9

pan 11

pan 12

pan 13

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