Party Preparations in Year 1


Plenty of preparation has taken place ahead of the Year 1 Christmas parties at Michael Faraday School. The children have all made their own Christmas crackers to share with a friend during our final celebration for the calendar year.


Snowman biscuits have also been carefully prepared by each class member. The filling is made from marshmallow, with a light icing topping to complete the appearance. The plates that the children will be eating their party food from have also been decorated.


This is a well deserved end of term party for both Year 1 classes after an incredibly successful term. One of the highlights was the contribution from the Year 1 children as part of the Key Stage 1 Christmas concert.

Both classes put in plenty of practise for the Minka song that was performed. Year 1 was also represented well in the amazing dance performance that was staged by Zoe’s Dance Club. We would like to thank the parents and carers of Year 1 children who were able to come along and support the special concert.

Plans are already being made by the teaching staff for the new learning activities for the 2016 school year. One of the main topics for the Year 1 children will be fairytales. We will be looking at what makes this type of story special, and how they might be different to some of the other books that we can find in the Michael Faraday library.





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