Year 2 End of Term Activities


The Year 2 children at Michael Faraday have been finishing their work based on the brilliant Jim and the Beanstalk book. As the name suggests, this is a follow up to the famous Jack and the Beanstalk. It is a timely read as we enter the pantomime season.

Part of this learning has involved the pupils to think about the idea of a sequel, and what this might mean. We have been comparing some of the ideas contained in both the Jim and the Jack original stories.

The sequel was written by Raymond Briggs, one of the favourite authors for the Year 2 children. This then led to the pupils exploring some of his festive books such as The Snowman and Father Christmas.

Our literacy work has also looked at the idea of books that contain no text. These are far more than simply picture books. They can tell quite a complex story, but it is up to the reader to decide what is happening by looking for clues and using their imagination.

Each class member has been studying a non text book, and then describing what they think might be happening. The beauty of these books is that there is no right or wrong answer!

Elsewhere in Year 2 and we have included a festive element to our final maths lessons for the autumn term. The children have been exploring 3D shapes, and in particular the 2D net that is used to create a 3D shape. Each class member has created a 3D present to place under our class Christmas tree using a net template.

The idea of symmetry has also formed part of our maths learning. The Year 2 children have decorated their class Christmas tree so that it appears symmetrical.

Finally the Year 2 Christmas party required a colourful table cloth to match the many splendid foods that the children very kindly brought in. As you can see from the photos below – we weren’t short on Christmas creative ideas!





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