Year 5 Compose Panel Quizes


Esther’s Year 5 class at Michael Faraday School have finished the autumn term by having some fun playing a special panel quiz game. There was a serious side to this learning as the quiz was devised by the class members.

Our literacy learning for the autumn term has involved the pupils looking at the idea of explaining text. This relates to a set of instructions that need to be carried out in sequence. The next stage for this way of working is then to produce a flow chart.

The challenge was set for the Year 5 pupils to think of an idea for an original quiz. All of the detail had to be explained within the text. This included the format, the rules and the type of questions that would be asked. A flow diagram was also produced to help support this information.

With the theory in place, it was then time for the practical learning. A number of the unique ideas were put in place. Each group staged their own game show, following closely the instructions that had been set out.

The knowledge base for the questions covered class curriculum learning from the previous term, as well as plenty of general knowledge questions. A couple of compares were required to help present the quiz in a smooth manner, as well as a reliable mathematician to look after the scores.

At the end of each quiz the pupils discussed how successful their format had been, and what improvements could be made.







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