New Spring Topics in the Nursery


The Nursery children have started the new spring term with some creative Stick Man artwork. This is a story that all of the children are now familiar with having read the book and attended a West End show last term.

Stick Man and his family has inspired the Nursery children to create some models of the main characters. It would be very useful for the Nursery staff if the children are able to bring in any sticks that they may find whilst walking in a local park.


Two new reading books have been started for the spring term. The children are already enjoying Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, and The Secret Birthday Message. Plenty of phonics work will be developed for this learning. These will include songs and games as we progress throughout the term.


Other new activities include the setting up of the special Nursery surgery. This is a play area that helps the children to learn about what happens when we go and visit the Doctor. The resources include toy medical equipment, as well as a log book to help explain what work the Doctors and Nurses have been doing.


Finally we would like to remind parents and carers that we are always grateful to receive any photos of the children whilst they are carrying out activities outside of school. These are then used in the special books that each class member helps to create. The teaching staff use the photos to help develop language skills. You can email any images to eyfs at michaelfaraday dot southwark dot sch dot uk.


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