Reception Rhythm and Pulse Learning


The Reception children have started a new term of learning by looking at the idea of pulse and rhythm in music as part of our weekly sessions with Sophie. Using movement within our music learning has been an important part for this topic.


Some of the early sessions have seen the Reception children thinking about the rhythm that a train might make as it travels down the line. One of the activities involved the children forming a train line, and then the train driver at the front setting the rhythm. Different drivers took it in turn to move around the music studio.


Some simple percussion was then added. Sophie asked the children to count the number of beats that it took for the train to move a certain distance. Quiet and loud was also introduced. The Reception children were asked to think about the loud sound coming from the train as it speeded up, and then the quieter sound as it slowed down.


A different type of pulse and rhythm was then explored with the introduction of some butterfly music. This sequence started with a caterpillar moving along the ground. The Reception children were asked to act out what this might look like.


Sophie then narrated the different changes that a caterpillar makes before it can become a beautiful butterfly. The children were asked to listen to the instructions, and to adapt their movement around the music studio.


Elsewhere in the Reception classes and the children have been busy starting work on their new re-cycling topic. We have started to read the wonderful Michael Re-cycle book. This is a fun story that helps to explain the importance of looking after environment and re-cycling some of the everyday resources that we use.


Meanwhile our maths learning in Reception has continued to focus on money and coin learning activities. The children have been working on how to identify particular coins. Plenty of play activities have taken place to help with this learning.

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