Year 1 Fairytale Topic


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have started a new class topic for the spring term learning all about fairytales. Part of this learning will be for the children to be able to recognise a fairytale story, and what makes it different to some of the other books that we read.


The early part of this learning involved the pupils taking part in a number of different fairytale based learning tasks. A carousel of learning activities was set up. Each table had specific piece of fairytale work for the children to complete.


One activity required the children to write their own fairytale with the help of a number of key words. A worksheet containing new vocabulary such as curse, wizard or Fairy Godmother was made available. The pupils were asked to write a short story that had a start, middle and an ending.

Another carousel activities involved a fairytale word search challenge. There are many new words that the children will be using as part of this topic over the coming weeks. Once a word had been found on the sheet, the children were asked to explain what it might mean.


Group reading was a popular activity as part of this learning. A small group of friends took it in turns to read a page from one of their favourite fairytales. The children were encouraged to share ideas about the story and what might be happening in the plot.

A final table activity for this work involved a short book review of a fairytale being written. The children were asked to describe the main characters, as well to provide a summary of the plot.


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