Year 2 Science Topic Podcast


The Year 2 children at Michael Faraday School have started a new science topic for the spring term looking at changes in animal and human life. One of the key learning intentions for this topic is to understand how animals and humans go through different stages of changes throughout their life.

We have started this work by first looking at how different life forms are born. The children have been learning how some animals are hatched out of an egg, whilst others grow inside the tummies of their mothers.

Some new vocabulary has been introduced to the children to help them with this work. Some of the new words include mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Year 2 have been researching how life form grows in all three of these animal groups.

Some written work has already been completed for this topic. The children were asked to choose a particular animal species, and then draw a young baby, and then a picture of the animal as it grows older. A description was added to explain some of the changes that have taken place.

This science work will continue over the coming weeks with a look at other changes that animals and humans go through as they grow older. This will develop into the children researching the importance of exercise and a healthy diet to help with the body changes.

You can listen to some of the Year 2 pupils talking about their science work in the recording below.

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