Year 5 ICT Coding Video

The Year 5 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been using the school laptops to complete some of the coding requirements of the National Curriculum. This is a complex piece of learning that requires the pupils to plan ahead in order to complete a task.

The main aim of the learning was to programme an object to move around the screen. Each pupil was able to model their own object. Examples included a racing car, an insect, or even a piece of fruit.

A suitable location was then needed for the object to navigate. The software used enabled the students to build a backdrop that would fit the theme of the object. Racing tacks were modelled for the cars, whilst an outdoor environment was constructed for the insects.

The next stage was to programme the object to move around. The pupils were able to match up keyboard strokes on the laptop with a specific movement. Each piece of coding was then put to the test.

You can watch one of the Year 5 coders explaining a little more about this work in the video above.







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