Maths Week Games in the Nursery


The Nursery children have been taking part in Maths Week by playing various games that help with our counting skills. The children have had fun with the Strawberry Basket Counting Game. This involves each player rolling a large dice, and then counting the correct number of strawberries to match the number that was rolled on the dice.

This game then develops to help with the counting on skills. Each player continues to roll the dice when it is their turn. They are asked to keep a running total of the number of strawberries in their basket. All of the Nursery children are asked to count their numbers out aloud.

Another Nursery activity for Maths Week has involved sorting different items and looking for arrangements. Each class member used an egg box to place objects inside. An example is the different coloured cotton wheels. The children were asked to arrange these so that a continuous pattern was created. Staff members asked each child to describe what they had done, and to explain their choices.


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