Y3 Books and Budgets for Maths Week


Year 3 have been reading One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab as part of our learning for Maths Week at Michael Faraday School. This is a number book that helps pupils to understand number relationships by using various animals and insects to help explain different number calculations.

An example might be that if one crab has ten legs, how many legs in total will there be on three crabs? Division sums have also been solved using the book. The children have been solving sums such as how many crabs are there if there are 80 legs?

All pupils have also been helping to solve the Maths Week puzzle that has been set for all pupils throughout the school. This involves looking for a formula to describe the relationship between varying amounts of two different objects.

Other Maths Week activity in Year 3 has involved some practical budgeting and learning with a trip to the local shops. The class was given an overall budget of £10 to spend on treats as a reward for all of the hard work that has been completed during Maths Week.

Collectively the class members drew up a wish list of items that they would like to spend the money on. This included chocolate, drinks and some party balloons. The children then researched online the cost of these items in a local shop. Calculations were then made to see how our wish list matched up with our £10 budget.

This activity came to close with a group of children joining staff members on a local shopping trip to spend the money. Maths Week ended in Year 3 with a small celebration of all the learning that had taken place throughout the week.

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