Year 5 Maths Week Food Tech

Year 5 have approached Maths Week at Michael Faraday School with some very practical learning. Our main aim was to bake two delicious Victoria sponge cakes to help celebrate four class birthdays coming up. Plenty of research and preparation was needed first though.

The pupils were challenged to find the most cost effective supermarket in which to buy the ingredients. We looked at the recipe to see what was needed, and then researched online the prices that each store was able to offer for the ingredients. Addition and subtraction calculations were needed to find the most cost effective store.

The ingredients were then bought, and then it was time to bake the cake. Small groups of pupils were asked to work independently on preparing the cakes. Recipes needed to be followed as closely as possible.

Two cakes were being baked amongst four groups. This meant that each group had to halve the stated amount for each ingredient. The end result was two beautiful Victoria sponges that we can now share as a class to help celebrate the four birthday celebrations coming up.










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