Year 6 Maths Week Puzzle Solving

The Year 6 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been completing many different problem solving activities as part of Maths Week 2016. The main theme for Maths Week this year has been to encourage problem solving by looking for patterns or sequences within number puzzles.

Year 6 have produced some great logic and reasoning whilst solving the shape problem that all pupils at Michael Faraday School have been working on throughout the week. This requires the children to try and find a pattern in a problem, having been given a starting point that sets up the challenge.


Pupils were told that four circles must accompany a square. The main question was to work out how many circles would be needed for four squares. This work was first approached by looking for a pattern in the problem. Predictions were made, and then these were tested. The pupils used dark and white chocolate as the props.

Other classes throughout the school have been working on solving the same problem, but using different resources, and approaching it at a level that is suitable to their learning ability. Once Maths Week has come to a close, a display will be on show explaining how the Maths Week problem was solved.


Sudoku has also been very popular with the Year 6 pupils. This is a puzzle that involves plenty of logic, and looking for sequences that might be taking place on the sudoku grid.

The pupils started off attempting a sudoku puzzle on a 4×4 grid using different types of lollipops. The challenge was to create rows, columns, and small sections within the grid that had a sequence of different lollipops.


This puzzle then became harder with the introduction of a 6×6 grid. Different coloured lollipop sticks were used to place within the grid. Small groups of students worked together to complete the activity. Class members were encouraged to explain their reasoning and share their ideas.

Banana blast smoothies have also been produced by the Year 6 pupils as part of Maths Week. We were able to obtain a recipe for four milkshakes. The pupils then had to work out the amount needed for each ingredient if we were to produce a smoothie mix that the whole class could share.

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