Nursery Instrumental Phonics


The Nursery children have recently been introduced to the idea of instrumental phonics. This is a key activity that helps the children to understand the syllables and sounds that we can hear in words, using the clave resources as part of the learning.

The learning started with class teacher Polly tapping out a simple rhythm on the claves. The children were asked to listen carefully, and then to repeat the pattern that they had just heard.

Instructions were given to listen to the number of beats being tapped out, and the pace of the sounds as well. The children then repeated this pattern. Counting was added to help make sure that we could all play the pattern correctly.


Some simple words were then introduced to the pattern being played on the claves. These matched the syllables of the beats. The sequence of beats and words then became a little more complicated. Polly carefully chose some phrases from the book Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars – Here Come the Dinosaurs!

This contains some key phonic sounds that are ideal for Early Years children to be learning. The aim is for the children to recognise pattern and syllables in words, which can then help with their speech development.

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