Reception Reading and Recycling


The Reception children are preparing to start work on their new class reading book: What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. This is a book that contains many different farm animals. Our learning after the half term break will involve the children finding out about many different farmyard animals. A trip to Godstone Farm in Surrey is being planned to help support this learning.


We have also been continuing with our re-cycling topic in both Reception classes. The children have carried out a science experiment to see what are the ideal conditions in which to grow mould.

Slices of bread were sealed in a plastic bag. Each item had a different variation – some had been touched by hands that hadn’t been washed, whilst other had no contact from the children.


Predications were made by the children about what might happen to the bread over a short period of time. Regular observations were made as the bread started to grow mould. We found that the bread that had been touched by dirty hands grew the largest amount of mould.

This has been a useful exercise to help the Reception children understand about the importance of personal hygiene. New vocabulary has been introduced, such as fungus, spores and decay.


The Reception children have now been set the challenge to design a large re-cycling machine. We have been looking at how the world oceans sadly contain plenty of plastic that is floating around. The children were asked to draw some designs for a machine that could help to clear this up.




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