Year 1 Literacy and Maths Learning


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have recently started some English work researching all about a spaceman called Bob. We started off this work by first looking at some pictures of Bob, but without being given any information to read. The children were asked to look for clues from the pictures to try and understand a little more about this character.


It soon became clear that the pupils had plenty of questions to ask Bob. Each class member wrote some ideas down on a post-it note. These included questions such as: do you go to space? What is your dog called? How old are you?


These questions then developed into more formal letters. Each class member typed out their letters on the school laptops. These were then presented together in a class book. One letter from the whole class was written and posted off to Bob.


We waited patiently for a few days, and then one morning the school office staff delivered a letter from Bob in the post! He kindly answered some of our questions, as well as including a copy of his Man on the Moon book.

The children can now start reading the book to find out a little more about our new friend. We have already started work on some character descriptions of Bob. You can find out a little more in the short recording above.


Elsewhere and the Year 1 children have been solving addition and subtraction sums using different resources as part of our recent maths learning. Some of the children have been completing a number puzzle. A sum was shown on a card. The children had to correctly read the sum, and then find a matching card that provided the answer.


Other Year 1 groups have been using coins to help with their addition and subtractions. Questions have been answered that involve different shopping situations.


The challenge has been to try and work out how much money is needed to buy an item, and then how much change to expect. This has been a great learning exercise to help with the children’s understanding of number bonds.







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