Year 2 Spring Term Topics


The Year 2 children are continuing to learn about the major world religions throughout the spring term at Michael Faraday School. Having completed the Judaism topic, the pupils have not started to learn about some of the beliefs of Islam.


This work has so far focussed on the importance of the Quran, and the special care that is taken whilst praying on a Muslim prayer mat. Different facts have been researched about the Quran and Muslim prayer mats. The Year 2 children have created their own booklet to help explain some of these facts.


Year 2 will continue their look at the major world religions by researching some of the Christian beliefs as our learning continues.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the pupils have been working well during maths lessons on learning their times tables. Multiplication and division sums have been answered as part of this learning.

Corresponding sums have also formed part of this learning. This is where we use some of the facts contained in a multiplication sentence, and then use this knowledge to explain a division sum.

Recent English lessons in Year 2 have involved the children looking in detail at the four main different types of sentence. These are compounds, exclamations, statements and questions. The children have been learning how to identify which of these groups a particular sentence belongs to.

We have been reading The Journey Home to help with this learning. This is a conservation book that tells the story about why some animals are not able to live in their preferred habitat. Each class member has created a colourful poster, and then added some sentences to explain what is happening.

Finally our science learning in Year 2 has looked at the importance of personal hygiene. We carried out a simple experiment to see the most effective way to clean our hands. This first involved getting our hands dirty – oil and glitter were used to create quite a mess!

Cold water was then tried to clean our hands, then cold water with soap. Finally we tried hot water and soap, which led to perfectly clean hands once again. The children have learnt that we should clean our hands for the same duration it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song.

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