Year 3 Chinese New Year Assembly


Sophie’s Year 3 class celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Key Stage 2 assembly looking at some of the traditions that take place around this time of year in the Chinese calendar. The pupils have been working on the assembly for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately a couple of the pupils with significant speaking parts were unwell on the day. It was impressive to see other class members step up and help to present the assembly.


The assembly started with all class members wishing our friends from around the school Happy New Year in Mandarin. The traditional Chinese New Year story was then recounted and acted out by the pupils. The aim was to explain why 2016 will be celebrated as the Chinese Year of the Monkey.


All of the pupils in Sophie’s class had a role to play in the assembly. Some of the children were able to act out the scenes of the various animals trying to cross the river in the traditional Chinese story. Other class members acted as narrator’s who told the story.


This was a word perfect assembly from the Year 3 pupils. It can often be slightly daunting staging an assembly in front of the elder pupils in the schools. A couple of the Year 3 class members explain a little more about their assembly in the short recording below.






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