Nursery Children Explore New Emotions


The Nursery children have been thinking about things that they love as part of their recent PSE learning at Michael Faraday School. The main learning intention has been for the children to understand what is meant by love, and to be able to recognise this very special emotion.


This has been a wide ranging topic, with the children encouraged to talk and share some of the many things or people that they love. Contributions have included close family members, favourite toys, and perhaps our favourite suggestion of tea and toast!

Different table activities have involved the idea of love. Each class member has carefully cut out a heart shape from a piece of paper. This will then be used to display in the middle some of the things that we love.


Elsewhere and our literacy work in the Nursery has started to look at the Cave Baby book. This tells the story of a baby caveman who is a little lost. We have created a mini-cave in the Nursery for the children to play in.

Finally it is alway worth mentioning the ever-popular Nursery dressing up box. This is always one of the highlights from the choosing time sessions, as you can see from the photos below.





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