Reception Map Making Video

The Reception children have started reading What the Ladybird Heard as our new class book for the second half of the spring term. This tells the story of how the ladybird is able to help the other farmyard animals to capture a couple of bad robbers who are trying to steal the prize cattle.


The story fits in perfectly with some of the learning activities that the teaching staff have planned for the remainder of the term. One of our main topics in Reception will be life cycles. The children will be looking at human and animal life cycles to see how we all change. We are hopeful of a trip to a local farm to see some of the baby animals at first hand.


The children have already produced some amazing work based around What the Ladybird Heard. Each class member has created a map of the farm. These show where the robbers are trying to hide, as well as helping the other animals to track them down. You can watch a couple of the Reception children sharing their work in the video above.


Elsewhere in Reception and we have introduced a weekly yoga session for all of the children. The aim is to start the day in a relaxed mood to help prepare for the learning ahead of us.



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