Year 1 Cave Baby Literacy Video

Both Year 1 classes have started to read Cave Baby as their main literacy text for the coming weeks. This is a story all about a naughty cave baby who is taken away by a mammoth. They become friends and have some fun painting some pictures. Cave Baby is then returned to his family.

The Year 1 children have been working on understanding the different parts to the story, and then placing these together in the correct sequence. This work has involved looking at some of the fantastic illustrations in the book, and then writing their own short description to help re-tell the story.

The children have also been using some puppets to help recreate the story. We have had great fun entering into some role play and getting into character for Cave Baby and his family.


The book also introduces other pre-historic animals. Many of these have some tricky spellings. The Year 1 children have been writing these down on post-it notes as part of a Cave Baby class display. We have also been working on our own cave paintings as part of our art learning.

You can watch a group of Year 1 children explain a little more about their Cave Baby work in the short video above.





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