Year 2 Literacy Wolves Work


Year 2 have started to read Emily Gravett’s Wolves. This is a fantastic picture book that contains a couple of surprise endings.

The children have been fascinated by the wolves in the story. We have used these as an inspiration to try and describe the different parts of their character. Each class member has been thinking of a suitable adjective to describe the wolves in the story. The children have been getting familiar with using the class thesaurus’ to help with this task.

The book has also been used to help consider some facts and fiction about wolves. The characters in the story are bad. This has led to a class discussion about why wolves are usually portrayed in stories as having a scary character.

Year 2 have been considering some statements about wolves, and then deciding if these are true or false. Examples include: can wolves eat grannies? Do they have sharp teeth? Do they live in your garden? Do they live in the woods? These questions have helped the children to understand that the negative images of wolves in our story books are not always true.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our maths work has involved looking at data. The children have been learning how to read data representations such as pictograms or block graphs. A large part of this learning has required the children to be able to explain how many more, or how many less when comparing two values.

Finally our art lessons in Year 2 have continued to use buildings as the inspiration for our work. Each class member has designed a building on a sheet of paper. This diagram was then used to help build the models using various recyclable materials. The next stage will be to add some colour to our models.




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