Year 3 Design and Make Pencil Cases


Year 3 have been busy creating some special pencil cases during our recent design and technology lessons at Michael Faraday School. The children were given a free choice about the style and design that they wanted to create.

This work started with some careful planning. Each class member completed a design brief. Some of the questions included describing the key features on their pencil cases, and what they would like the finished to design to look like. Consideration was also given to the equipment that might be needed.

The next stage was the practical creation of the pencil cases. Some unique designs emerged, such as an Angry Birds themed pencil case, and one based around the Minions characters. The main resource used was some coloured felt material. Other special effect were then added.

Class teacher Sophie was so impressed with the effort made by a couple of children that she put them forward for the Achievement Assembly to share their work. The pupils told the other pupils in the school how they designed their work, and what they hoped to achieve.

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