Year 4 Literacy Recording


The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have started work on reading a most intriguing book: The Gashlycrumb Tinies. This is a story unlike some of the more traditional books that we read. The story is presented in A-Z format, with each page detailing the gruesome outcome for a character whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet.


Some specific learning intentions have been set based around this strange book. The pupils first looked at connectives. These are words that help to join and show the relationship between ideas. The class members were asked to re-write some of the passages of text by adding a connective.


Attention then turned towards verbs and adverbs. The Year 4 pupils have been learning how to identify these, and then add them to our story to create a little more depth. The task was set to change a verb and adverb from the book, yet still make sure that the sentence made some sense.

This was a very tricky task to complete, as the book itself creates a dark sense of imagery with some of the descriptions that used. You can listen to a couple of Year 4 pupils sharing some of the literacy ideas in the recording above.


Elsewhere in Year 4 and both classes recently enjoyed a visit from our friends at Portals to the Past. This is an educational history group that helps to recreate some of the time periods that pupils may have been learning about.

Year 4 have been carrying out plenty research on life in Roman Britain. Our visiting friends were able to add to this learning by bringing a number of original Roman artefacts into our school.

The children were able to try on various Roman costumes. Some games were also played that were popular with young Roman children during this time period. An Ancient Roman quiz was also completed by all pupils. The workshop came to a close with a Q & A session about life in Roman Britain.





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