Year 6 Fun Fractions Party


The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School had great fun at the fractions party that was set up to celebrate some of the maths learning that has recently taken place. One of the key themes in recent maths sessions has been to explore fractions, decimals and percentages.


Every good party needs some preparation first. A list of party food was drawn up by the pupils. This included pizzas, party cakes, apples, strawberries and drinks. The pupils accompanied a staff member to the local shops to buy the food.

We added in some maths learning for this simple shopping trip. The school trundle wheels were used to measure the distance between the school and the shops. Careful money calculations were also carried out when buying the party goods. The students were asked to budget for how much each item would cost.


It was almost time for the party. Some fraction questions needed to be thought of first though. Each food themed table group was asked to think of a number of questions relating to their own particular party food. An example might be how many pizza slices would there be if four pizzas were cut into eight slices?


And then it was time for the party. We started off with some dancing. Each class member wore a party hat with a fraction, decimal, or percentage attached to the front. Class teacher Leanne selected certain pupils to dance. The other students had to state what the connection was with their numbers.


Fractions shapes were also handed out. These had a matching sum being held by another party guest. The challenge was for the two matching pairs to meet up and make the mathematical connection.


The party members then rotated around the different food tables. Plenty of tasty food was on offer, but this was only made available once a pupil had successfully answered one of the fraction questions.

A fantastic Year 6 fraction party, as you can see from the photos below.










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