Nursery Rhyming Words, World Book Day Work and Plant Growing


The Nursery children have started to learn about what is meant by the idea of rhyming words. This is part of our general introduction to phonics that all children take part in at Michael Faraday School.

Our approach to rhyming sounds has taken a very practical approach. The children have been asked to sound out different words, and then think of any similar sounds that they can hear. When a rhyming sound is heard, the children are asked to repeat the two matching words.

Some games have been played in the Nursery to help with this learning. A large box containing a number of different objects has been introduced. One by one the objects are placed on the class carpet. The children are asked to identify what they can see by sounding out the words together.

Examples included a toy frog, a model of a dog, a phone, a plastic bone, a wig and a farmyard pig. The children took it in turns to match up the two rhyming objects.

Other literacy work in the Nursery has included our class contribution for World Book Day at Michael Faraday School. All year groups around the school have been carrying out work based on the strange Mysteries of Harris Burdick book.

The Nursery children have been given one of the photos that appears in the book. Our image showed a harp. The children have been asked to think about how a story could develop based on this picture.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and the children have continued to learn about plant growth. We have been taking it in turns to attend daily to the small veg patch that the children have been growing. Tomatoes and spring onions are the current crops. The children have been learning how most plant life like light and water in order to grow.



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