Year 2 World Book Day Work, Plus Fun with the School B-Bots

Our recent literacy work in Year 2 has focussed on helping the children to write creative and interesting stories. Like all year groups at Michael Faraday School, Year 2 have been using the World Book Day story of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick as the initial inspiration.

The Year 2 children were presented with a black and white image from the book, and then simply the name of the chapter: The Third Floor Bedroom. Our challenge was to interpret this information to create an original piece of writing.

Of particular interest for the Year 2 children has been the story opener. The children have been considering how this is often the most important part of any book as it sets the interest for the reader to follow.

Different techniques have been used by the class members to help create a story that stands out. The children have been using speeches, action scenes and detailed character descriptions to help generate interest.

This is an ongoing piece of literacy work. The final outcome will involve all children publishing their own book, based around the original image that we were presented with.

Meanwhile our maths work in Year 2 has involved looking at different ways to tell the time. A recent focus has been on quarter to and quarter past the hour, or concepts such as half an hour later.

The quarterly theme has also taken on a practical level of learning. Year 2 have been programming the school B-bots to help with this learning. Specific instructions were given, such as carry out a quarter turn to the right, then move forward and finish with a quarter turn in the opposite direction.

Fantastic fun – as you can see in the video clip above.





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